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Ferri is going to release her concept EP ‘Dear Natalia’ on Feb.14th as limited digital release.
Ferri fell in love with the photography of with the beautiful work of Russian photographer Natalia Drepina.
Ferri started her project with the concept as ‘a Soundtrack for an imaginary film’.
She composed 6 tracks from the image of Natalia’s photographs and finished it as a soundtrack of a film titled ‘Dear Natalia’.
And Natalia drew on Ferri’s music for the album cover and also a music video for #2 ’Sylphid’.
Natalia is also works as music artist under the name of Your Schizophrenia, and you can hear her beautiful Poet reading in #1 Diary.

All tracks were mixed and mastered by Suzuki Mitsugu (cellzcellar).

Ferriが2016年にコンセプトEP「Dear Natalia」をデジタル限定でリリース。
ロシアの美しき写真家、Natalia Drepinaの写真に魅せられたFerriは、「架空のショートムービーのサウンドトラック」というコンセプトのもと、今作のプロジェクトをスタートさせた。

また、同氏はYour Schizophreniaというアーティスト名で音楽活動もしており、M1「Diary」ではポエムリーディングで憂いを帯びた艶やかな声を披露している。

今作のミックス、マスタリングはMitsugu Suzuki氏(cellzcellar)が担当。

Album -Dear Natalia-

1. Diary
2. Sylphid
3. Forbidden
4. White Bouquet
5. Crecent
6. Dear Natalia

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Natalia Drepina

Natalia Drepina was born November 19, 1989, in Lipetsk, Russia. She
is a poet , musician and a photographer who specializes in female
portrait photography and emotional self-portraits. On the faces of
her subjects, their gestures, and in their eyes, there is a story and
Natalia is the author. A photographer working in Russia, Natalia
Drepina is often also the subject of her own work. She takes
photographs since 2009. Her style is characterized by the bleakness,
fragility and minor mood of the past.

Natalia Drepina ロシア、リペツク在住。1989年11月19日生まれ。


photographer : Mizuho life photography
photographer : Chihiro Ohwaki
hair styling : Luna Yoshikawa(NO3)